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Theresa L. Carter

Betrayed at the Beach, Alex Paige #3

Betrayed at the Beach, Alex Paige #3

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Treasure. Treachery. Murder. This is not the adventure Alex expected.

After months of solid work, travel writer Alex Paige is ready for some fun in the sun. She lands in Gulf Shores, Alabama, to celebrate her friend’s new beach-front restaurant and dig into the area’s past. It’ll be a week of exploration and research followed by some well-earned rest.
At least, that’s the plan. It starts out well enough, with hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, and an invitation to preview a priceless artifact at the local archaeology museum. Unfortunately, she’s not there 24 hours when a man is murdered and her friend’s sister Cassidy is the primary suspect.
Alex and her sidekick William (don’t tell him we called him that) try to prove Cassidy’s innocence and catch the real killer before anyone else–including Alex herself–is murdered.


Join her as she uncovers dark secrets and buried treasure in this thrilling cozy mystery set along the Gulf of Mexico.

It’s a tale of curses, legends, and most of all, betrayal. Order your copy today!
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