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Theresa L. Carter

Chaos in the Canyon, Alex Paige #5 (Pre-order)

Chaos in the Canyon, Alex Paige #5 (Pre-order)

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Mayhem. Myths. Murder. A travel conference is supposed to be all about exploration, but when Alex Paige attends, the agenda is a real killer.

Alex is barely home from her last adventure before packing up and heading to Billings, Montana for a new travel conference. Arriving early to explore the region, history comes to life when she and William encounter Lewis and Clark re-enactors at one of the most significant landmarks along the historic trail.

Things quickly turn dark when one of the impersonators drops a bombshell about a recent discovery he's made. His plans for this priceless artifact cause the community to erupt in chaos, revealing deep-seated rivalries, and it doesn't take long before the re-enactor is found dead.

Despite the number of potential suspects, William's very public argument with the victim puts him in the spotlight. To find the true killer, Alex must decipher controversial claims that could change the course of history. Can she unearth the real murderer before her friend is buried?


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